Mike and Rick were very professional and did a great job cleaning my ductwork. They went above and beyond and were very helpful.
George Q.

The technicians were very professional and courteous. They had very good time management. I felt very confident in the work they did cleaning my ductwork. Great guys, great work. THANK YOU!
-Cindy C.

I just installed new carpet and hardwood floors one week prior to you guys coming to clean the ductwork. The technicians were very thorough with the cleaning and careful on my new flooring. Thank you for the great service.
Joyce C.

I was very pleased with the service provided to me. I appreciate it when contractors are respectful of my home and are courteous like your company is.
Moe T.

The vouvher I bought online is exactly what is done in the home. I liked how there was not any hidden charges or things done that were not talked about on the website. I am very satisfied with the work done by the crew. Thanks!
Sasha P.

Chris and Alex did an awesome job and were very sweet to my  year old son who followed them around for 3 hours :) Thank you for the great service and great cleaning.
-Michael H.

I woke up the next day without sneezing!!! This was the first time in years since that has happened. I thank you so much for the extra sleep and clean ducts!
Troya K.

Outstanding, Timely, and thoughtful work. Very much appreciated
Mary F.

Both of the technicians were clean and respectful. They even helped with information that was not specific to the air duct cleaning field. Thank you for all of your help!
-John D.

Ivan and Richi were respectful of me and my home. They explained the service and additional services that I asked about. They were able to provide the additional services at the time of the cleaning. Thank you very much.
Judy K.

They men were informative, clean, and did a great job. I felt extremely comfortable with them in my house!
Melissa D.

Very Very Very nice technicians and company. Very helpful with everything. I would hire them for my company!
-Larry Bracey

Brian did a marvelous job cleaning our air ducts and explaining every part of the process! Kudos to a great team and company!
-Lex Y.

The guys were friendly and professional. They addressed all my concerns and answered all of my questions. They protected my home and furniture. The cleaning went quickly and in a timely manor. In all, this was a great service offered.
-Mary T.

The technicians were very friendly. They explained everything well and were very thorough workers.
Chuck Z.

The technicians were very careful not to dirty my new carpet. I was very pleased to see new tarps put down everywhere. They were very efficient.
Ray B.

What a super job. I can not say anything else
Ram V.

The technicians were very helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and great workers. Thank You!
Joel H.

The office was very professional and the workers were very courteous and thorough.
Sophia B.

Your company is great. Every person I dealt with was a pleasure.
Barry R.

The guys did a great job with everything!
Natasha K.

Everything went VERY well. Thank you for everything
Kay W.

You did a very very good job and I am extremely satisfied with my experience. Thank you
Julia P.

I would definitely recommend your company to a friend, Thank you again!
Sarah M.

What a difference the cleaning made in our air quality! Thank you
From my initial conversation with the office to my experience with the technicians completing the job, my experience with Amistee was exemplary. GREAT JOB!!
Craig H

Thank you so much! The video of my ductwork during the cleaning process was worth its weight in gold! 
Trace G.

The guys were quick and thoroughly explained everything to me. We highly recommend your company! 
Jeff P.

The servicemen were courteous and thoroughly explained the process. 

 Alice K.

Everything was great! I will definitely recommend your company! 

Yesinia W.

2 nice workers, very modern equipment mixed in with great process....that is a winning combination. GREAT JOB WELL DONE!  Ron Y

Your technicians were very professional and respectful of our home. THANK YOU! 

Pete J.

The techs did a great job in cleaning my ducts. I wish your company did painting, roofing.

Morgan D.

I was so happy with everything and have not had one headache since you were our here. Thank you so much for helping me!
-Eric J.